Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Drifting did not start late in the years but in the 20th century.basically drifting was a easier way for racers to get around the corners faster.
 Drivers have been using this technique as early as the 1930’s in Grand Prix races.

Another  example is rally, where even today, since they usually have almost no grip at all, drivers go quicker by drifting the 4WD machines through the corners. Although drifting is not a faster way to race, knowing how to control the car when you encounter over steer is obviously an advantage to anyone’s driving ability.
Living in Humboldt county my whole life i know many roads that are simply perfect to go drifting on.Drifting is a new feeling itself especially when your the driver.we chose this topic to experience the different kinds of drifting and because we both love getting loose up on the back roads.B.k