Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Everyone has there own passion about something whether its reading books, playing a sport or even just playing video games. But for me my passion is drifting. Nothing else is like coming up to a corner at high speeds breaking traction to slide threw the corner at a faster pace then before. Drifting is an amazing rush and if you like to drive, race, and fix cars this could be perfect for you. This doesn't mean go get in the next fast car you see and try to drift it around a blind corner this does take time and practice but it also takes a little bit of brains to know what to do if something goes wrong or if you have to pull out of a drift because you see something that could possibly hurt you. If you are a first time drifter don't go and lose your car or possible life. Get to know your car not just how it drives and handles but know whats under your hood to know how much your pushing or so you can also learn to fix what you break or even tune it to make it better. (D.L)

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