Wednesday, January 15, 2014

tires for drifting

Personally I feel like the Dunlop Direzza sport Z1star spec 185/60-14 tires are the best kind of tires for drifting both street and dirt. The wider the tire is the better it is for drifting because you slide a lot easier and you are less likely to flip the vehicle trying to drift. Dunlop Direzza are special drifting and sport tires that many professionals use! This tire isn't just good because it is good for drifting but this tire is a thick and grippe tire. Star Spec tread compound helps provide faster lap times from the start by developing more traction in temperate temperatures along with consistent grip on laps when the tires are fully warmed up. There are so many tires you can use for drifting but if you don't have the right or even good enough tires then you will see yourself blowing threw more money then you should have to for new tires. The idea is to have good wide thick tires preferably Dunlop Direzza sport tires. Ultimately if you wanted to take up drifting you should have two sets of tires you would switch back and forth between drifting tires and everyday street tires.   .            
Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec


  1. Drifting is deffintitly fun! especially when you know how to actually drive! Keener I know can drift in his little Toyota. Great topic guys! let it rain, and then Lets go Mudding!

  2. Oh hell yeah we definitely will bud!