Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My passion for this topic stands in a point where when you and your buddies don't have anything to do but drive on old back roads and get sideways.drifting isn't just fun but if you do it enough then the driver will become more aware of his surroundings during regular day driving.also i love the feeling of getting sideways something about sliding across the road puts you on the edge to make the best line you possibly can around the tight corners.even if you don't succeed you can keep trying and eventually you will get better you just have to pay attention to the car its self basically you and the car must become one in the mind.Drifting is a sport that can take all the things your thinking about at that particular time out of your head when you buckle yourself into the driver seat. (b.k)


  1. This topic is sketchy but its interesting to see how drifting works and how much fun it is for people that actually know how to do it without getting hurt. I really enjoyed your blog and all the videos! I cant wait to see and learn more about drifting! Be safe!

  2. This is a dangerous thing to do. But, if you get really good you can probably be a stunt man for movies 'er something. That'd be cool.