Friday, January 10, 2014

In 2013 four friends set out in the mountains on a quest to find old dirt roads with tight corners.they where driving a 2008 nissan gtr skyline six speed manual transmission.harry was driving ,peter was riding shotgun and gomer and jimmy where riding along in the back.they had put there money together and made out with five hundred dollars for gas and two sets of new toyo street tires.they made it about half way up the mountain when they came across there first set of nice corners so gomer and jimmy got out and set up one post at each corner.harry turned the car around and and started to go for the first corner he was ripping pretty good when jimmy pulled the e brake and gassed the car pitching the back of the car hard to the side they spun around and where facing in the direction that they had started jimmy whipped the car back around got his nerves down and went for it again this time missing the first pole by about a fraction of an inch he tapped the brake a little bit featherd the gas and pulled the e brake at the next corner making the transition perfect they slide around the end of the corner with the final turn in sight they hit the last corner and had successfully made it through without to many issues.they put the video on the tube and metal mulisha rally car drivers commented on the post and want to meet up with then sometime so they can do a few practice runs on the practice course. (b.k)

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