Wednesday, January 15, 2014


So because con-Sam chose a hard topic for this assignment and I couldn’t find anything on the internet I am going to tell you everything I know to prevent any accidents from happening. First it depends where you are located to begin with, weather you are on a freeway or highway possible an old logging road or just some road in the middle of b.f.e. the conditions are always different there is rarely a time when you will come across several different places that have the same kind of road conditions. Finding the right spot to start drifting can be a hard choice depending on what kind of vehicle you have and what you are willing to put it through.
       Drifting a rear wheel drive car I would want a place where the road is smooth and not a lot of bumps or traffic someplace where there are obstacles for you to slide around but not hit anything too hard if you happen to lose control and spin out. Also conditions such as foggy, frosty down pouring and hailing are not good conditions to drift in you may or may not be worried about hitting anything or anyone before you actually get in your car during those serious conditions but the total outcome of it depends on whether you want to put your friend or just any person in danger by trying to drift around during bad conditions.
       The perfect conditions for doing a perfect drift would be somewhere where you can get to know your obstacle and it’s a dry somewhat smoother surface without having to worry about traffic or pedestrians getting in the way and or putting themselves and you at risk of being injured .some people do it for fun some do it for sport but either or can be dangerous so it is always good to take things into precaution before attempting a drift.      b.k

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